14 comments on “A Debate Should Be Fair

  1. Hi Bud

    Funny thing, I stop in with a mission thinking that, if Bud does participate he will sure tackle it with humor. And then this serious post happens–I’m soooo confused–Well not really. Congrats on winning Blog of the Day…You blog it well.

    But, I did say I came in with a mission, I think you’ve been Tagged
    by me.
    I hope you have a chance to give it a try.


  2. It is always good to give both parties equal time to speak, as you have done here. It’s been interesting watching this cyber-debate unfold. Just because you write an excellent humor blog shouldn’t stop you from speaking out when the situation warrants it. Nice job here,

  3. First off, let me just apologize for not posting my comment that you left your comment to. In all honesty, when I wrote my second post regarding the first post, it was not meant to take away from anything that anyone had said but to perhaps explore it a bit further. And the reason I didn’t post my comment regarding “If I had my choice between the current administration or Hillary I might go with the current administration – better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, as they say.” was because I didn’t realize that it was that particular phrase that you were responding to, I thought it was the entire post.

    I never meant to take anything away from your opinions at all and I’m sorry that it came across that way. The only reason I even did a second post was not to put my own opinion out there but to offer a chance for debate and discussion on the issue.

    THIS is why I generally stay away from politics and why I will definitely go back to staying away from politics. It is too easy to offend people, it is too easy to say something that comes across the wrong way, and it is too easy to hurt people when you don’t mean to.

    Maybe if I had written that post when it wasn’t 15 minutes before I had to get out the door and get to work, it might have come out better than it did but I didn’t have the time time to look it over as carefully as I should have to see if I had either left something out or written something that came out the wrong way. Obviously I did both. Because of that, I will remove that post from my blog as, truly, it was never my intent to start a battle.

    I hope you’re able to forgive me for my faux pas and I wish the best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

  4. Frank-

    I won’t be serious again for a LONG while. I have already written my story and it is exactly 500 words. No more. No less.

  5. Thanks Mimi-

    I don’t know. I think people view comedy with politics through the political angle. I am not sure (without seperate blogs) I should do both.

    And one blog is more than enough.

  6. Good back and forth, but just as with the early days of the public Viet Nam debates, many of those in favor of the war see only the administration’s point of view.

    I agree with your points. We need to be able to assure our troops and their families that we will only use our military power when needed and we will give our troops the tools they need to win. Red Robert Woodward’s “Plan of Attack” and you will see that Donal Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condaleza Rice, Dick Cheney and others in the administration made their mids up very early on that Sadam had to go at any cost, and then looked for and excuse to launch an attack. It was bad enough that we started a war against someone who had not attacked us, and a nation that didn’t even scare Israel, but we went in with too few troops and no post-war plans.

    Our government lied to us and let us down again and it is time to end this mess. I don’t believe that we can just pick up and leave. We need to pressure Iraq to step up and end the violence and then we need to leave and learn from this mistake.

  7. Stu-

    We thought out and very true. We do have an obligation to clean up the mess.

    And I agree it feels like Nam all over again.

  8. Wow Bud… I tend to sit on your side of the fence as far as this war is concerned. I also know Sarge Charlie and he is a nice guy…but I do agree with you

  9. Vin-
    There are a lot of Sarge Charlies. The Vietnam Vet took an awful lot of abuse that was unfair. It would tend to channel your thoughts.

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