21 comments on “A Pickle By Any Other Name

  1. Oh, I am so relieved. I only managed to watch about 10 seconds of the show …and then, since there’s nothing on all 800 channels of digital cable, resorted to watching M*A*S*H on TVLand which at least featured my favorite exchange:

    “I’m saving the world from the communist menace!”

    “You used to be a communist!”

    “Then I’m saving the world from me!”

    Seriously funny review, even if the show was filler.

  2. Well Mimi and Bud…Agree 100%… Slide on over and catch my reaction on THE COUCH…not as humorous as yours..and BUD..take a whack at the Mid-Week Musical mime

  3. Please, please, PLEASE don’t stop doing your American Idol review. I enjoyed it a lot.

    Awww, Bud, that was such a sweet thing to say to Mims. Mims, LOL at the Lion King comment.

    The two of you look so sweet together. 🙂

  4. Just stopped in at Mimi’s.
    Love the post.
    This will be much more fun to follow than the show.
    See ya!
    Thanks for stooping in at my H’n’H too.

  5. Dad: good call. Particularly if you have to work in the AM. Actually, the exchange is Hawkeye’s childhood friend Tommy and Hawkeye. The episode is called “Sometimes You Hear The Bullet”.

    The second episode was one I don’t remember ever seeing from early on in the run. Leslie Neilsen plays a colonel and thinks Frank is after him, but really Margaret is. It was very silly and light on plot, so it must’ve been before season 3.

  6. Vin-
    Thanks! I am meeting my daughter in a couple of minutes. I will check out your siute after dinner. Thanks!

  7. Lizza-
    We do enjoy being together. I guess it shows. I just want to work out logistics. It tool us to 2 AM to finish. I’m too old to go to work exhausted. I do have a plan I think…

  8. Steve-

    I hate reality shows. This one got me because of all the years I worked ijn radio. But you ARE right…

  9. Heath-

    Right. “Sometimes you hear the bullet.” That was their first serious episode. Leslie was the “ring banger” right?

  10. This is a good discussiion and I’m glad you guys invested the time to see the show. I don’t have the attention span or a high enough pain threshold to watch the show for more than 60 seconds.

    Simon, Paula and the other has beens, or never wases, on the panel remind me of the washed up Show Biz people that used to be on “What’s My Line?” and the Gong Show. They are really pulling off the ultimate scam here.

    By the way, why doesn’t somebody bring back The Gong Show in Syndication? That was good Stuff!

  11. Stu-
    While I agree with some of your comments about AI, I still think it is relevant. I know I’m just “The Last DJ” talking, but contestants are making things happen. I went with my 21 year-old daughter Jules tonight to “Dreamgirls”. Jennifer Hudson is a force. Chris Daughtry is terrific. Kelly Clarkson wins grammys. But the beging of eack seaso SUCKS!


  12. I read your review over on Mimi’s blog and I think this is a terrific idea, though you might want to wait until after both episodes air (are they doing two again next week? God, I hope not – I can’t take that much caterwauling in a week!).

    And as far as your comment about the contestants making things happen – you’re absolutely right, some fantastic singers have come out of this show. I think, though, that when it comes to the voting, they should allow one vote per phone number rather than “call as many times as you want” for your favorite. You don’t get to vote as many times as you want for a political candidate and it should be the same for a talent show contestant.

    That’s just my thought anyway! Keep up the great reviews – I may just skip watching the show and read your analysis instead – it’s much easier on the eyes and ears!

  13. Ouch, truth hurts. You are likely right about Al; and you are certainly right about the beggin sucking.

    I know Kelly wins Grammys, but I still think her ego is much larger than her talent. The others you mentioned surpass her abilities.

    You’re right, there is no question that it is relevant, just look at the ratings. My main point, and yes I have one now and then, is that Simon and Paula are not relevant. Any dip with a heartbeat could handle their job, and I’m willling to volunteer to sit on the panel just to prove it.

    I’ll be just as big a jerk as Simon for half the money. Hey, I’ve got more experience at it than he does.

  14. Hi Linda-

    I agree with all that you have said. We decided to just do one per week because when the final 12 (& the real start of the show) we will give our choices on who should go. Believe it or not, it is a lot of work. And there are SO many AI websites, blogs * reviews, we felt more comfortable touching the subject than submerging. We already got contacted to join a group of AI Blogs. While I have not discussed this with Mimi yet (she is on her way her as I write) I don’t think either of us wants to feine their blog around AI. Once a week, have fun, and run.

    Thanks for your kind words!

  15. Stu-

    You & I would be terrific at it. Paula is generally stoned (listening to “Good Times” by The Persuations) but Simon is the glue. He is a twit & he knows it. But he is need. Randy and his “dawg pound” can be irrating, too.

    Over all it obviously works. What happened to Ted?

  16. Yup, it works, that’s the truth.
    I’ll stick with Trapper.

    The Persuasions still ain’t go no band, but they don’t need one.

    Ted? The Finkster? Last I heard he was in SoCal, but that was 25 years ago. Could be burning incense and calling up the lost spirits of Fensgate at some back-alley gypsy scam parlor in Ventura.

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