7 comments on “You Are Doing What for New Year’s?

  1. Oh, wow. Lola’s really hit a new low. Gaining 10 pounds in 2 days? Don’t boxers do that by hyperhydrating?

    Enjoy your dinner!

  2. Lola is starting to worry me all over again. She did not return from Iceland with a new outlook at all. I’m so disappointed. I do believe she needs a therapist. And quick.

  3. Very, very funny answers to poor old Lola’s questions. I’m starting to feel sorry for Lola now. I gotta tell you the f***ing for virginity line was a classic. Great gimmick with Lola. I look forward to your responses to her posts. Have a happy new year,and tell the special lady whoever she is that I hope she enjoys her romantic dinner.

  4. Gale-
    Thanks so much. Considering that Lola has only 4 people doing her meme after 5 years, I think she is stuck with,e. Happy New Year! And I plan to have a great dinner, thanks! I am even “cooking”. Sort of…

  5. Just so ya know….Bud was indeed cooking last night. A little birdie told me a story about “The Lobster That Wouldn’t Die.”
    It was sad.

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