8 comments on “Some Are Well Hung

  1. Gale – Bud must be knockin’ on Heaven’s door or something to come up with a post like this. Very funny post, Bud!

  2. Thanks Gem-
    It is amazing. I had nothing. Then I said to a friend, Saddam’s last interview, I’ve got to that. Then it wrote itself.

    Nice of you to check in. How’s that vacation going? About that inspiration. I have a friend of the female pursuation visiting. I am quite inspired.

  3. Bud – Just taking a break this morning from “vacationing” to check in. It’s been memorable and unbloggable.

    How’s your female friend?

  4. Hi Mims-

    I doidn’t even think anybody could make Saddam funny. I am glad I didn’t wait another six hours to post it.

    And as far as my female friend goes: She is quite remarkable. Thanks for asking.


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