8 comments on “He Does Change the Sheets At Least

  1. Yes, I left a comment that it stayed in the family over there…

    Gonna try harder next week… channeling sam kinison

    LOL loved the post today

  2. Dude-
    did u just use a couple’s pain and suffering as a comedy bit? You are beyond contempt. I hope others join me saying, “we’re drawing the line right here.” leave suffering rich folk alone.

    Or else!

  3. Kielbasa and cocktail franks, hahahaha! What a funny, funny post.

    Looks like Epiphany Alone has her dad’s wit too!

  4. Epiphany Alone is a funny young lady. She did you proud. Great post today, Bud. You’re almost to the end of the NaNo thing…..just in time for Mimi to tag you with a meme. You can thank me later. Happy Wednesday!

  5. I love the anonymous comment. Who better to poke fun at than the rich and famous. Our only other choice is the Republican party.

    Thanks for the blurb in your post. Always like to see new faces who stop by thinking that what I write is true…Not! It’s all in fun.


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