10 comments on “Top 10: Why I Posted This Blog Late Today

  1. I have insomnia. I’m online, click over here and this is what I read. Just as I started to forget about Gale’s escapades. I am not worried about competing with Gale’s word count anymore. She is obviously too tired to write her novel.

  2. Wow! Look what happens when one is distracted. Rumors get started, and the next thing you know, you’re too busy being a middle-aged Bond girl to complete your NaNo novel. I was too tired to write my novel last night for a different reason than ya’ll think. Bud,sometime I have to ask you about the power of James Bond as a male icon. Prometheus is into him, too. I’ll be honest. I don’t even know the actor selected to be the new bond. They lost me after Sean Connery

  3. Hey has anyone else mentioned that your BUSH clock blocks the first few sentences of your posts???
    This happens on both the work PC (Firefox) and my Mac (Firefox)
    I agree with Gail (for different reasons of course) – Sean was the best Bond…

    AND no, my name is not in tribute to that…

  4. Mimi-
    Sorry you can’t sleep. I am not sure Gale’s love life is helping the rest of us.

    Bond films are action films with hot babes Bond always gets. What more is there than that? Not much.

    I do have that problem in Firefox. I think Google even explains it is a problem. I’d hate to get rid of my Bush clock, but I might.

  5. I think the position of the Backwards Bush calendar in Firefox has something to do with using the older Blogger template.

    I created a test blog using the same template in Beta. I had to resize the clock so that the height=170 pixels and width=200 pixels in order to make it fit.

    Also, remember when you handcode HTML that all your tags have to be explicitly closed 😉

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