4 comments on “Profile of the Day Challenge

  1. I hereby crown you King of the Comeback Challenge. I think that would make you the Comeback Kid? Not likely since you’ve admitted to being 249 years old. I humbly defer to your infinite humorous wisdom – as is evident in these hilarious comebacks! You took the challenge seriously. Thank you. I enjoyed reading and so did my audience. Note: I get my ad fooder from various places, written and otherwise. Match.com actually has some decent profiles but of course, I am totally allergic to online dating!

  2. I thank you. At WTIT this is an important moment. Usually we have to make it up when we report our own awards…

  3. Try not to let the fame go to your head. And I meant “fodder” not “fooder” in my comment or either you can consider it an imaginary word – sort of like your imaginary awards. You mean you can make up awards?! What a novel idea. I think I’ll try it.

  4. We are partcularly proud of our “Blog Least Likely to Be Read” Award from April. Or was it July. Probably it happened in Festember. (If a must make up the award I might as well make up the month.)

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