14 comments on “From the Heart of Blogland

  1. Oh my GOD that is hilarious. Can I start calling her Mom? Or do you think it’s premature?

    I think maybe she just wants you to write jokes for her. It must be hard to be an unfunny clown.

  2. Well, she said she’s prefer “Mommy” but we will see. I figure one night of drinks, then marriage. I can’t wait!

  3. Hey, Bud, I love the NaBloPoMo idea (more than NaNoWriMo0 for me. But I may be chickening out. As regards Debbie, you like ’em feisty, don’t you?

  4. Hi Gale-

    I think I would crumble trying to write a novel, given 30 years. Days? No way. I like blogging because it’s more how I wrote comedy all those years on the radio. And as far as feisty goes, I am home alone in my sweats on a Friday night. I venture out tomorrow. I’m not really inclined to marry Debbie, yet…

  5. You are a love machine. I, for one, am most impressed that after all of this she STILL wants to meet you. She must really need that drink!

  6. Whoa, dude. I sell alcohol. It is a precious comodity. I do truly believe a single drink is more important than, say, calling a Match.com person nuts.

  7. I’m not sure which part is funnier…that she gave you her number or that you might actually use it! 🙂 Do you suppose the chances of her finding your blog by random next click are better or worse than for winning lotto? And do you suppose you’d have gotten her number if she hadn’t found your blog? Enquiring minds are very curious!

  8. The plot thickens. I should have read THIS before I commented above. You posted her photo sans eyes over the entire internet and then she gives you her phone number? Something is amiss. And if you don’t show up soon back on talk radio we’ll have to assume it was a master plan to ambush and kidnap Bud by a very angry clown. Or you could be on your honeymoon.

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