6 comments on “Discover This

  1. Hey WTIT…

    Just a little clarification. I am still linking to and providing hits to anyone who links to me. The only change is that they won’t all be in the sidebar. The sidebar had over 500 blogs in it and was becoming unreadable. Furthermore, Google took my blog out of their search rankings because one of their Webmaster Guideliens is that you shouldn’t have more than 100 links on any given page.

    Now, all the blogs are listed on individual pages, sorted by directory and are much easier to read. The “premium” blogs now inhabit the sidebar and will be capped at the top 100 to stay inline with Google.

  2. Hi Bobby-
    I did understand that. If I blurred that point in my entry let’s set it straight. I think what you guys do helps all bloggers. My point was to be supportive.


  3. I was out with some friends today who happen to read my blog…and they have at least wandered over to read your blog once, or perhaps they read your blog – I don’t really know.

    The conversation goes something like this:

    “Your dad has a radio station?”

    “Well, no. My dad tapes a radio show with some friends of his. They’ve been doing it since they were in high school.”

    “That’s pretty cool.”

    “Well, I grew up thinking that everyone’s dad did that…”

    “So it’s not an actual radio station…”

    “Well, no, that’s why he calls it tape radio.”

    “Can you buy the tapes?”

    “Uh. Um. Yeah, I suppose one could. I think he actually doesn’t tape any more…He has mp3s online at My Space.”

  4. That’s pretty good. “Can you buy the tapes? There are 564 of them and then we went digital. It is not like there has ever a demand for them. If you click on “Listen to WTIT Comedy” on this page it goes to Stickam.com. It allows a lot more bits.

    I qould have a hard time “paying” someone to listen to the tapes with me. Sell them? That’s a great thought.

    Oh yea. Why don’t other fathers do this? I have often wondered…

  5. I’m sure at some point there will be a support group for adult children of tape radio djs.

    I was biting my tongue at the party when James was talking about this. Ben and I (when he was 8 and I was 10) did our own tape radio show and called it “little t”. Our mother said something like “That’s really a snore. Why can’t you come up with an original idea?” So we didn’t do it again.

  6. I think I have that tape of the “little T” somewhere. I have not heard it but I remember in Framingham stumbling into it. I asked James what it was, and he sort of explained. I should look for it again. A snore? I am bot sure why your mother would say that. However, if I could figure your Mom out, we’d still be married.

    That would have changed a lot of events.

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